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the future of Lithium-ion Batteries

Electric Vehicle Industry

Aviation Industry

Defence Industry

Industrial Vehicle Market

UPS Industry

Energy Storage System Industry

Advantages of LMFP
KEY to success

We fabricate the LMFP that can realize high safety, energy density and power, long cycle life, and low cost Li-batteries.

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  • High Safety
  • Low Cost
  • Higher Energy Density

We offer the tailor-made service that will perfectly meet your target.

Our core value
Equipment Integration

With over 20-year experiences in powder equipment and LMFP mass production, we offer the tailor-made equipment integration service that will perfectly meet your target.

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HCM Service
One Stop Shop

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  • Professional team
  • Technology Innovation
  • Customized equipment
  • Mass production experience
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LMFP’s applications
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LMFP’s applications
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LMFP’s applications
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LMFP’s applications